Designing for Impact: Transformational Experience Design Model 🧑‍🚀

Why you need to think bigger and design experiences holistically to create real impact👇

Transformational design requires the ability to design holistically on these 4 levels of the design: The experiences narrative guides the culture, which facilitates the users journey, which is anchored in artifacts.

“We all agree that transformation needs to happen across many levels if it is to last and be adopted by people. Designing for behaviors at one end of the spectrum or designing the narrative at the other end, don’t do the trick by themselves. For behaviors to stick, people must co-design the narrative. For the narrative to come alive, there have to be artifacts that will guide and sustain the behavior.”

What is a transformational experience?

Transformative experiences color the way we experience all other things. GIF art made by Rasmus Stride as an output of our conversations about transformation.

Why aim for transformational experiences?

To aim to transform people you need to assume that people can develop. Exploring theories of developmental psychology is beyond the scope of this article, but incredibly important to understand for those wanting to positively transform adults. Read more about the above model here.

“Personal and interpersonal development is a societal concern that’s too important to solely remain a private responsibility. It must become one of the most central issues in public life.”

Alter Ego Network

“We should think of what is experienced as what is available to a person… What is available is that which we have access.”

— Alva Noë

1. Narrative Design

How could this experience positively change the user’s story of who they are?

GIF made by the talented Rasmus Stride

2. Cultural Design

What culture could support the desired transformation?

This is metaphor is one of the ‘Core Mindsets’ that we use in the Kaospilot Experience Design Training.
This model is from Stella Zubeck, and her fantastic work with music festival design. See more here

3. Journey Design

What are the steps of the users journey?

Here is a simple to use model, that you can use as a framework to design from, you can read more about the 5E Model here.
We and recommend Donna Lichaw’s narrative arc, when designing experiences.

4. Artifact Design

What artifacts do users interact with on their journey towards transformation?


GIF art made by the amazing Rasmus Stride



Designing experience that enable people and relationships to grow ☀️ // Kaospilot Experience Design:

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Designing experience that enable people and relationships to grow ☀️ // Kaospilot Experience Design: